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On Piano

On Piano, is a project created by Frank Iengo and is characterized by compositions for Piano Solo suchs as: Ana Olgica, Arden Forest, Novo Talos projects and piano players like Yiruma, Ludovico Einaudi, Max Richter, Alexis Ffrench.
On Piano music is easy to listen to but at the same time sought-after, is mainly written by Frank Iengo but in some cases in collaboration with other artists.
People use On Piano’s music for stress relief, for reading, to sleep better, or simply as background music.

countless days on piano cover


LIBSTOK, another musical face that belongs to Frank Iengo, is a project that is mainly dedicated to classical and acoustic guitar.
The reason that drives Frank Iengo to have different projects and therefore different names, stems from the need to express himself in many musical fields without wanting to create confusion among listeners who might appreciate a musical part of him but not appreciate another.
In this case, LIBSTOK is for listeners who appreciate the sound of classical or acoustic guitar and it will give them what they love.

Long Ago (New)


RelaxingVibe wants to be a comfort zone where you can find peace, love, and serenity! 

High quality musical sound which will help you to feel calm and refreshed, giving you a moment of peacefulness especially if you have had a stressful day. 

The musical compositions will help you to encourage and enhance relaxation, meditation and concentration.

People use it as relaxation Music, Meditation Music, Healing Music, Study Music, Spa, Massage Music, Yoga Music, and Sleep Music.

Relaxing Vibe Cover Album


Pnyk64 is a project realized in 2018.

The project born from the idea of Frank Iengo to combine EDM and House music sound with the interweaving of guitars in a Pink Floyd style atmosphere.

Frank Iengo (producer and composer of different musical genres) firmly believes that the union of these two musical forces is a powerful recognizable mix which creates a highest level of excitement.

The first song of this project, “Blackout”, was inspired by the talented Neapolitan DJ Lino Di Meglio during a Skype video call.

Pynk64 pink floyd



Frank Iengo is an Italian Producer, Musician and Composer born in Naples on August 12, 1964.
He lived and produced in Italy until July 2010 and then he moved to New York City (United States). The musical genres that influence him are various such as, Soundtracks, Movie Scores, House music, Chillout, Pop, Hip Hop anything else that inspires him.
In fact, we can find him in many projects as primary producer and co-producer such as:

Melodica was the Frank Iengo’s first production and came out in the year 2000 with “Song For Violin”, which was a Commercial Dance production released on Atlantic Record, Blanco Y Negro Record, Scorpio Music, Sky Records, Xtra Nova and other European labels, and it was bought for more than € 65,000.

First with “Paradise Island” (Chill-Out song that has been played on the most popular radio in that genre Chill-Out) and than “Indigenous Legend”, album that represents an exciting journey through musical atmospheres joined by western sounds guided by spirituality.

La Famiglia
One of the top Italian hip hop bands that after having worked one year, they released an album entitled “Pacco”, exclusively in Neapolitan language.

Project with an instrumental Latin house track entitled “La Playa”, that was released on the Italian dance label Net’s Work International.

Drum and Bass project titled “Saudade Robofunk”.

Neapolitan rapper

Rai Trade Project
Frank Iengo, thanks to Angelo Tardio (Co-Writer), starts a new project for RAI Trade which is completely different from anything he had ever composed. In fact, this time the project was music for documentaries, sonorization, and commercials.