Frank Iengo was born in Naples on August 12, 1964.
He started as a musician playing the guitar when he was ten, and as often as it happens to those who play this instrument, he also played the bass guitar in many live and studio performances.
Because of his thirst for musical knowledge and the possibility of expressing himself on the instrument that is the father of all instruments, Frank Iengo studied the piano for about seven years, along with the guitar.
In 1998, when electronics, particularly computers, began to break into the musical world, Frank Iengo, sensing that they would dominate the future in the music industry, began learning how to incorporate them in his compositions.
After just two years of using technology, in the year 2000, Frank Iengo’s first production entitled “Song for Violin” (which was a Commercial Dance production) was bought for approximately € 90.000 and released on Atlantic Record, Blanco Y Negro Record, Scorpio Music, and other European labels.
With many collaborations to follow, his most important ones throughout his career were the “Gap Band “remixes and a project for Rai Trade, a national Italian television station publishing company that included his music for documentaries and commercials.
Since the musical genres that influenced Frank Iengo are varied, such as the soundtracks, house music, Chillout, and whatever else inspired him, he had the need to create several projects that allowed him to express himself freely in different musical styles so as not to make much confusion among listeners who might love one genre but not another.

Brief description of some projects.

On Piano.
On Piano is a solo piano music project in a neoclassical style born in 2018.
The music, easy to listen to but at the same time sought-after, is mainly written by Frank Iengo but in some cases in collaboration with other artists.

This project, which arrived a year after the first release of “On Piano” (2019), retains the same concept as its predecessor (background music), with the difference that the leading instrument is the guitar and the songs are all improvisations of the moment.

As the name already announces, RelaxingVibe is a project oriented purely towards sounds of relaxing music, sleep music, meditation music, music for study, etc.

A project combines house music sound with the interweaving of guitars in a Pink Floyd-style atmosphere.