relaxing piano music

Are you into art and music? You must be that’s why you are here. Ever heard that quote from Dead poets society- “Poetry, music and art, these are the things that we live for.” Art and music soothe our soul, it nourishes our whole body and mind.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything else that you need to know about music and art. Believe us, it’s gonna be one hell of a read! By the end of this article, you will be filled with a lot of love for music and art. You might end up wanting to try different kinds of music most specifically piano music

Music and Art

Music and art are concerned mainly with the beauty of emotional expression and rhythm. It offers peace, harmony, and calmness to the soul. You know what? When we say the word music, it is not just related to one genre or type, it’s wide. Music contains a lot of genres and types, both pop electronic composition and folk songs belong to the music. Both forms of music are auditory and conceptual.

Music is an art that is followed by every human. Classical music and modern music both have their styles. Music can be relaxation music as well as chill music. You can listen to whichever you like and whichever your mood tells you to.

Without music, our life is just so boring, we need music to feed our soul and to make our life even more interesting. Music refreshes the soul and it brings happiness to the heart. Also, we can say that music is in everything.

Piano Music

Piano music is so soothing and relaxing. Pianos can create different types of music such as relaxing piano music, sad piano music, and youtube piano music.

The piano is a stringed and acoustic instrument that was invented in Italy by a person named Bartolomeo Cristofori. In that piano, the strings were made of wooden hammers and they were coated with a material that was so soft. The piano works with a keyboard that has several keys. When we press those keys with our thumbs and fingers, it produces a musical sound.

The word piano has been shortened for ease of pronunciation. Its actual name is pianoforte. Piano and Forte, both are Italian terms that mean soften softboundsosoftbounde is given to represent the variations in the volume. Also, it was given as an opposite to the harpsichord which is also a musical instrument, but it does not permit the variations in volume.

Playing and Style

Now, you must be wondering how we play the piano, how it is played, right? Just like any other instrument, the piano is also played by the ear, from written music or through improvisation.

The piano technique started from the clavichord and harpsichord to fortepiano playing. Then it continued with the development of the modern piano.

Changes in the preferences of the audience and musical styles over the nineteenth and twentieth century, contributed to the growth and evolution of different schools or approaches to play the piano.

Performance styles

There are so many classical composers of music including Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven. They all composed for the fortepiano, which is quite a different instrument than the normal modern piano.

Moreover, the composers of the romantic movement such as Clara and Robert, Franz Liszt, Felix, and Fanny Mendelssohn also wrote for the pianos.

Pianos are also used most importantly in rock and roll by Jerry Lee, Keith Emerson and Little Richard, Elton John, Billy Joel, Tori As, d Nicky Hopkins. Modernist music style also attracted many composers including Philip Glass and John Cage.

Role of Piano

The piano is an important instrument when it comes to classical and western music, blues, jazz, rock, and a lot of other musical genres.

Pianos are specifically used in melodic roles or soloing and as accompanying instruments. Most importantly, pianos can also be played alone with any instrument or voice.

Moreover, a large number of song writers and composers are very skilled pianists because piano offers a good means of experimenting with the harmonic and complex melodic chords.

Pianos are generally used by composers doing television and film scoring. Pianos add a different rhythm, feel, and tone to the music.

Importance of Music

Music works just like thy for daily performance, emotional health, and sleep. Throughout history, it has been used as a therapy. The Greeks played music to treat mental illness. Most importantly, after WWII, several musicians came to hospitals in the U.S, India to treat the emotional and physical trauma of soldiers.

The Effect of Music on the Mind and Body of Individuals

We all know what music does to us, our mood, and most especially our heart. It changes our whole mood and takes us to a totally different world. It has the power to make a sad human happy and a happy human sad. It can brighten up your day and whole mood.

We all know how it feels when we hear our favorite song playing loud on the speaker, we feel a sudden rush and wave of happiness coming at our door. This alone can make us all believe how strong and powerful music is! It brings powerful effects on both the mind as well as body, influences the heart and breathing rate, triggers the hormonal release, boosts the cognitive and emotional centers of the brain.

Music is wide, it’s huge! No one in his life can listen to all the music that is produced. Different tempos, melodies, and rhythms can easily trigger different reactions in people. Moreover, music without words is also powerful enough to bring a change in someone’s whole mood.

Moreover, songs are associated with people, they have memories attached to them. Music can work like a wave that makes the person nostalgic. It activates many parts of the brain including the memory processing parts and the hippocampus.

In addition to this, music also works as a relaxing thing, it provides relaxation to the head and soul. Most importantly, piano music offers more relaxation than anything else.

To get better sleep, one can listen to soothing and lo-fi piano music. The following are the benefits of it:

  • Lower heartbeat rate.
  • Slow breathing
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Eases the tension of muscles
  • Provides calm to the nervous system
  • Triggers the release of some hormones like oxytocin and serotonin that are sleep-friendly.
  • Also, it brings down the stress triggering hormone i.e., cortisol.


The Advantages of Music For Sound Sleep

Relaxing piano music and lofi music bring surprising changes to the human body. The problem of sleep deprivation or insomnia is caused because of some problems like slow breathing, low blood pressure, and a lot more. But music works for this all. It offers a soothing effect, warmness. It also eases out anxiety and stress.

When you listen to relaxing music, you do that to sleep peacefully both mentally as well as physically. Various scientific research also says that music has a strong and powerful effect on people. Most importantly, it offers a lot of benefits also.

A lot of studies show that, listening to music at the time of going to bed, reduces insomnia, improves the quality of sleep in children, adults, or even old people. Along with this, it can also improve the quality of your sleep.

For better sleep, slow music is best. You need to remember that your brain and body is so responsive to the beats of music. To bring the body back to normal and into a sleep and relaxation mood, you must make use of the songs that are low in sound as well as pace.

Gradually, your heartbeat rate will match the slow beats of music and your breathing will turn more slowly, as a result, you will fall asleep. So, save all those hip hop and energetic songs to listen to them in the morning.

Also, to avoid the emotional triggers and disturbance at the time for sleep you must listen to music and emotional extra emotional songs. Along with this, you must go to lyric-free music at the time of sleep. You must all also take out the answers to all questions easily. Most importantly, you need to be more consistent and okay with it. The more consistent the music is celebrated and praised.


So this was all about Music, art, and piano music. Music is one of the oldest and the best therapies for each and everyone. It heals us, it makes us feel belonged, it makes us feel that we share the same life and same problem. Music and art add glitter to life, they bring colors to this monotonous life.

Art and music, both are the souls of everything else. They bring calmness and peace to the soul. You can listen to relaxation piano music, YouTube piano music, and other kinds of soothing music.

So, why wait? Play it aloud, your favorite song! And rock it, calmly!